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Pendant Light

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  1. Embrace Suspension Light

    Embrace Suspension Light

    Rs 23,200.00

    This is an eco-friendly product crafted with natural wood . The lamp has a unique pattern. This lamp is an idle suspension for your dinning table. Learn More
  2. Treasure Pendant

    Treasure Pendant

    Rs 39,000.00

    This is a contemporary design conical fabric pendant light. Learn More

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The pendant lights are the best choice for the modern houses. These lights as the name suggest are like the pendants hanging from the ceilings. Philips has a classy and all time favorite collection of indoor pendant lights. The pendant lights are installed as per your living style, your house interiors and other factors. You can have pendant lights for living room, kitchen and also dining room. Since they are suspended from the ceilings are also known as suspension light. These lights are the best choices they give a modern look to your house and have the focused light on the table.

Pendant lights are the choice of today. These lights are versatile fixtures which are designed as per today’s lifestyle. They occupy little space and provide appropriate light for task, ambient, accentor and decoration. You can find below the extensive collection of Philips pendant lights with range from heritage to modern collection. Explore Philips pendant lights online at the best price and complete your house interiors with new and timeless lights.

You can also have the best advice on where to hang and at what distance to hang pendant lights in kitchen, at dining etc.

Banarsi Dass Enterprises is Philips pendant lights wholesale dealer. We provide Philips Pendant lights at wholesale price. We are best Philips Pendant lights supplier in Delhi.