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Garden Spike Light

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  1. Garden Spike 7W

    Garden Spike 7W

    Rs 1,300.00

    It is a modern design light for your garden spaces. The COB integrated lighting keeps the product high on light dispersion & efficiency.

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  2. Garden Spike 12W

    Garden Spike 12W

    Rs 1,800.00

    The Garden Spike light is an outdoor ambient light which saves 80% energy. The light is protected from dust & water. Learn More

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After plants it is the lights in the garden which plays a vital role in enhancement of the beauty of garden. Philips garden light has a wide range of outdoor garden lights is available. The wide range of Philips garden lights include led lights for walls, ceiling and floor. The garden effect is nuanced by the good lighting. The following features to consider when choosing the garden led lights are: Good lighting compliments the design of garden Increase the longevity of the garden. The outdoor activities With the Philips Garden lights are to ensure the complete beautification of garden with the following factors like: The light intensity required as per the area. With Philips lighting you can assure the provision of functional and atmospheric effects. Philips LED Light fittings are ideal solution to accentuate your garden features. The Philips lights distributors ensures that the buyer don’t make the mistake of buying powerful lights which just brighten to path but make the garden beauty disappear. Philips led-lighting offers a better solution, enabling to illuminate the garden with lower wattage. Second, the color of light cold white (white)/Warm light (yellow). Higher consumption halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs that produce warm white light are no more recommended. Instead the Philips energy-saving LEDs are available with warm or cold white light color, assuring you to create the best ambiance with energy efficient results. Now the question is which lamp color to choose? It depends on the overall lighting plan and personal preferences. The Philips garden spike light wide range includes spotlight, up-down light beams or accent lighting, LED fixtures with lenses etc. You can also give a light effect with sharp edged light pattern on any surface, giving a classy look. It is all about choosing the right light that create the right lighting effect in the garden. Philips garden spike light helps you do so without hassle with evergreen classy outdoors where you surely will like to spend lot of time. Third is the living style and above all safety. Philips garden lights are elegant and compliment the modern life style. Be it a light fixture or the overall appearance of the house. A perfect selection for garden lighting add style and appearance to your house, hotels etc. It enhances the ambiance and gives more reasons for outdoor parties. If you are being conscious about the architecture of your home, and the design of your interior, than outdoor lighting can surely be the finishing touch to your project. With Philips garden lighting one can have overall lighting plan be it an interiors or exteriors. Last but not the least is the safety and security level. It lightens the areas like the edge of a deck, doorways and pathways or any other area which is not clearly visible in the night. Banarsi Dass Enterprises is among the top Philips light distributor. Being a renowned Philips lights whole seller in Delhi we are equipped to fulfill any amount of bulk orders and do the delivery as per the promised time. With our experience and Philips expertise guidance we ensure that the best light suggestion is provided if required.