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Recessed Mounted Luminaires

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  1. Pureline Slim Recess

    Pureline Slim Recess

    Rs 200.00

    Line Light as name suggest is a linear lighting solution and is installed in different indoor applications. The beauty of this light is in its sleek and elegant design which provides architects and interior designers with the possibility of standalone mounting or continuous mounting. Learn More
  2. Power Balance

    Power Balance

    Rs 200.00

    Power Balance is Philips most energy efficient LED luminaries for office applications. The light has a powder coated steel body and a high efficiency diff user. Learn More
  3. Dayline


    Rs 200.00

    Philips Dayline is an efficient luminary with DALI dimming options. This light is a perfect combination of design and technology. The innovative design and efficient technology gives a classy look wit assurance of long and maintenance free life. Learn More
  4. Green Square

    Green Square

    Rs 4,400.00

    Philips Green square is a classy light with optimum visuality for office work. The light is just perfect to see printed, hand written or UN-screen documents clearly. Green Square ensured productivity in the work for years. Learn More
  5. Cirrus


    Rs 0.00

    Philips cirrus is an official general lighting solution wit solution with excellent energy saving solution and no maintenance or operational cost. This slim design luminaire is suitable for recessed mounting application for office. This luminaire has a uniform and uninterrupted lighting. Learn More

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PHILIPS is a trusted and renowned name in LIGHT industry. PHILIPS LED Lighting is leading the market today because they deliver the best performance and quality. This is the light one can rely lifetime. The best light intensity and the trusted color illumination.

Philips is a trusted brand in professional sector because of its classy designs which are architect delight, super-efficient performance with high durability and productivity with no maintenance cost. Philips professional lighting range has lots for all which includes industrial lighting, showroom lighting, hospitals, hotels, offices, auditoriums, stadiums etc.

The fall ceilings and the other architectural looks in the rooms have increased the demand of recessed ceiling lights. The Philips recessed Led downlights are quite popular because of the classy and elegant light fixture and the incomparable illumination quality which illuminate the whole premises in the perfect angles with perfect light. The Philips ceiling mounted lights are perfect replacement for low ceiling light fixtures. Since sealed units are waterproof the user can be assured of the security. Philips recessed LED downlights is the choice of today and are widely used in homes, offices and showrooms.

Banarsi Dass Enterprises a leading dealer of Philips have a wide range of Philips recessed LED downlights at the wholesale price.