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Green Up Highbay G2

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Green Up Highbay G2

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Energy Savings:
− Best in class luminous efficacy of ~140lm/W (in 10,500lm ver.)
− Up to 73% energy savings compared to conventional HID
system HPK225
− 1 to 1 replacement to HID & TPS325 High-bay for both new
install & retrofit applications
− Comes in DALI variant also for additional energy savings
• Long-lasting performance
− One piece flat aluminum housing offers excellent heat
dispersion to assure the long life time
− IP40 prevents dusts & insects flying into the luminaire to assure
the performance for long term
− Designed for operations under diverse environment from -10˚C
to 45˚C
− Long Life of 50,000 hrs. @L70B50
GreenUp G2 (BY560P)
• Precise light distribution:
− High Rack Optics (HRO) to brighten up both aisle and rack
− Wide Beam (WB) brings high uniformity in the entire coverage
− Narrow Beam delivers high efficient light to make a brighter
• Usage flexibility:
− Available in three lumen packages and three beam options to
suit application requirements
− Suited for suspended mounting through hook/ pipe/
suspension string choices and also for surfaced mounting
− Smaller and lighter than conventional light, easy to handle
• Superior light Quality:
• SDCM<5 ensures color consistency
• CRI>80 good color rendering

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Rs 1,000.00
Price will be negotiable in bulk order
Height is not an issue any more, maximum 16m movement detection together with the wireless ZigBee control, GreenUp HighBay G2,light up your space smartly. Applications • Warehouse • Factory • Shopping Mart • Distribution Center • Assembly Line • Airport • Sports Hall Energy Savings – Retrofit 400W Conventional Highbay BY560P LED High-bay Lamp wattage 400W 120W System Consumption 440W 120W Initial Lumen Output 32,500lm 16,000lm Lumen Maintenance (10,000 hrs.) 70% 95% Light Output ratio 60% 100% Average System Lumen Output (10,000 hrs.) 13,650lm 15,200lm Total Energy Savings with 11% higher light output 73% Precise Light Distribution • Precise light distribution to light up the application with high uniformity • Three optics to meet various application • HRO optics ensures aisles and racks are well illuminated in high rack environment of warehouses so that people can see clearly and feel safe in forklift • HRO optics can cater requirements of shopping marts and Design Aspects  One piece aluminum extrusion housing provides big and flat thermal sink which ensures most efficient heat dispersion compared to die- casting aluminum & bending sheet metal housing  Stable operation between -10⁰C ~ +45⁰C , ensuring the durable and reliable performance at Ta 45⁰C Slim D
Different lighting levels and timings can be set per sensor, group and ZigBee network of luminaires (BY560X) Advanced sensor technology for effective presence and daylight detection High efficacy: Up to 140 lumens per watt CRI>80; R9>0; Wide beam, narrow beam and High rack optic choices are available Lifetime 65Khrs @L70B50 with IP40 protection Specifications Type BY560P LED210 BY560P LED160 BY560P LED105 Lumen Output 21000lm 16000lm 10500lm System Power 153W 120W 75W System efficacy 137lm/W 133lm/W 140lm/W CCT CW (6500K) CRI >80 SDCM <5 IP rating IP40 IK rating IK03 Electrical Classification Class I Operation Temperature -10⁰C to +45⁰C (Ta45⁰C) Lifetime (hrs.) 50,000 hrs. (L70B50) @Ta45⁰C Optics NB;WB; HRO Input Voltage 220-240V Power factor 0.95 THD <15% Light Modulation (Flicker) ≤ 5% Mounting / Installation Suspended & Surfaced Dimensions (mm) 525x280x50 405x280x50 525x190x35 Weight (kg) 3.5 3.0 2.0 Certificate BIS/CCC/CB/EMC/CE/AS-NZS Ordering Data 12 NC Description Spare Driver 12NC 911401527851 BY560P LED105/CW PSU WB IN 929000950706 911401528051 BY560P LED105/CW PSU HRO IN 911401527751 BY560P LED105/CW PSD/CL WB IN 929001553506 911401528551 BY560P LED105/CW PSD/CL HRO IN 911401528451 BY560P LED160/CW PSU WB IN 911401528751 BY560P LED160/CW PSU HRO IN 929001400480 911401528151 BY560P LED160/CW PSU NB IN 911401528351 BY560P LED160/CW PSD/CL WB IN 929001553506 911401528251 BY560P LED160/CW PSD/CL HRO IN 911401527651 BY560P LED210/CW PSU WB IN 911401527951 BY560P LED210/CW PSU HRO IN 929001400480 911401528651 BY560P LED210/CW PSU NB IN 911401528851 BY560P LED210/CW PSD/CL NB IN 929001553506 • All the above 12NCs are for default hook mounting • Hook is include inside of the package, not necessary to buy any parts

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