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Hue Bridge

Hue Bridge

Rs 7,250.00
Hue Dimmer Switch

Hue Dimmer Switch

Rs 2,150.00

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Philips Hue is all about the adaption of smart technology in your home. Buying Philips Hue brings a complete change in the house interiors and ambience. Hue is just about living in a style where one can create one’s own ambience as per the need and occasion.

Just like a pinch of salt ads flavor to food. Similarly, hue accessories are add on to light which make you use your light more smartly and wisely. Install Hue Bridger or download Hue app on your smart deices and expand your HUE family. This is all what you need to free your imagination and built your own system because no one else can make your home better than you. A Hue light gives you liberty for the same.

Below mentioned are few of the Hue Apps which are as follows:

  • Huedini
  • Hue Power India
  • Hue Day light
  • Sleep as Android
  • Hue Disco
  • Hue manic

Philips Hue works seamlessly with all leading smart Home Hubs which includes:

  • Apple Homekit
  • Google Home
  • Samsung Smart Things
  • IFTTT(Toggle Hue lights On/off)

Banarsi Dass Enterprises is a leading Philips Hue Accessories dealer. They are the renowned Philips dealer with range of Philips home Hue lights. The lights from them can be bought as per your convenience. You can get an online buy or the store purchase at the best price. From retail to wholesale all is taken care with complete assurance of the product originality and quality delivery. It is because of 100% authentic product that BDE is renowned as the trusted dealer of Hue accessories.