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Mini  200 Canopy Light

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Mini 200 Canopy Light

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Fuel your business with new generation of Canopy lighting solution

• Energy Savings:
− Best in class luminous efficacy of ~130lm/W (in 9000lm ver.)
− >51% energy savings compared to conventional HID system
MPF900 and 20% brighter with respect to 70W BY400
− THD<10% results in higher power factor, lower peak currents
and higher efficiency
− Comes in DALI variant also for additional energy savings
• Robust and Reliable
− Aluminum die-cast housing with unique fin design provides
excellent thermal management and corrosion resistance
− Wide operating voltage range of 140-270V with high voltage
cutoff at 320V and auto restart feature
− 8 hrs. protection for phase to phase 440V; 4kV surge protection
− IP65 rated to protect from ingress of dust, solid object and
moisture; IK08 rated to protect from external impact
− Long Life of 50,000 hrs. @L70B50

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Rs 1,500.00
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In a transparent market like petrol station operators are under constant pressure to maintain its profitability through lower operating cost, while in the same time attracting more customers with clean and crisp station that gives comfort and safety feeling. Also, in sports complexes, community centers lowering the operating cost is a challenge. Comfort lighting becomes priority of customers. Philips’ Mini 200 LED is an intuitive under- canopy lighting that ensures optimal visual conditions while enabling huge energy savings. The luminaire’s precision-control optics enables light to be distributed where it is needed the most. Its integrated components and long-life LED technology make this an easy-to-install, zero-maintenance solution.Mini 200 delivers a uniform light distribution with an asymmetric or bi-directional beam creating outstanding illuminances in industrial and retail environments. The range comprises versions for recessed, surface and suspended mounted. It is designed to replace 165W & 200W HID under canopy solutions, offering up to 60% of energy savings, whilst delivering long lifetime, in often hard to reach maintenance areas. The future upgradability to intelligent system makes “Mini200” a remarkable under canopy solution with best in class value proposition for customer. • Precision Optics with two choices: Increases visibility and safety at night by providing better horizontal and vertical lighting levels thru symmetrical/ asymmetrical light distribution options • Versatile: − Two lumen packages − Two optic choices to meet different application requirements − Three mounting options recessed/surface/suspended • Superior light Quality: • SDCM<5 ensures color consistency • CRI≥70 good color rendering Applications Key application: Petrol stations • Under canopy • Approaches • Side areas Other applications • Industrial facilities • Shopping centers • Indoor Sports Complex • Community centers
[13:55, 4/8/2020] Mamta: Professional Optics: Best Lighting Effect vertical >150lx at pump vertical >250lx at pump horizontal >250lx glare free approach • Enhancing vertical lighting effect to enable better meter reading • Two Optics – symmetrical optics for central area and asymmetrical optics for side areas • Asymmetrical optics to concentrate effective rays in petrol station • Glare-free design to improve comfort • Improving outdoor illumination at your gas station to improve overall curb appeal [13:56, 4/8/2020] Mamta: Conventional Comparison... Conventional Comparison MPF900 BY286V Lamp Wattage 150W NA System Wattage 165W 80/70W Lamp Lumen Output 14500lm NA Light Output Ratio (LOR) 65% 100% System Lumen Output 9,500 8,500/ 9,000 Total Energy Saving (almost same lux level) >51% Note: For retrofit in existing plants, please validate the present lux level and decide the most optimum offering from Mini200 Family Specifications Type BY286V System Lumen 8500lm 9000lm System Power 80W 70W System efficacy ~106 lm/W ~130lm/W CCT 5700K (cool white) CRI CRI ≥ 70 Color consistency SDCM< 5 Optics choice SK-WB; AK-WB IP rating IP65 IK rating IK08 Electrical Class Class I Power factor > 0.95 Input Voltage 140-270V; high voltage cutoff and restart @320V Surge L,N-GND 4KV THD <10% Driver Fixed; DALI (option) Temperature -10⁰C to 45⁰C Lifetime L70B50(hrs.) 50,000hrs@Ta45⁰C Serviceability Class B (driver replaceable) Material Housing: Aluminum Die-casting; Cover: Tempered glass of high transmittance; Lens: PC Dimensions (LXWXH) 270mm X 270mm X 90mm Mounting Recessed/Surface/Suspended Weight 4.5 kgs How to read Cat. Ref. 1 Product family code 2 System output LED90S: 9000 lm / LED85S: 8500 lm 3 Color temperature CW: 5700K 4 Optics SK: Symmetric Optics IN PS 50⁰ / AK: Asymmetric Optics IN PS 35⁰ 5 Controls PSU: Fixed PSD: Dali 6 Front Cover FG: Toughened Extra clear glass 7 Luminaire Color WH: White Color Ordering Data Sl. No 12 NC Description Spare Driver 12NC 1 919515812896 BY286V LED90S CW SK PSU FG WH 929001478306 2 919515812897 BY286V LED90S CW AK PSU FG WH 929001478306 3 919515812898 BY286V LED85S CW SK PSU FG WH 929001478506 4 919515812899 BY286V LED85S CW AK PSU FG WH 929001478506 5 919515812998 BY286V LED90S CW SK PSD FG WH 929000799713 6 919515812999 BY286V LED90S CW AK PSD FG WH 929000799713 7 919515813001 BY286V LED85S CW SK PSD FG WH 929000799613 8 919515813002 BY286V LED85S CW AK PSD FG WH 929000799613 Check for updated 12NC before ordering Accessories Recess/Surface/Suspended 919815810082 AC286B WH

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