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Ceiling Lights

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  1. Hue Beyond Ceiling Light

    Hue Beyond Ceiling Light

    Rs 45,000.00

    The Beyond ceiling light is a cosmopolitan design having two independent light sources that is: an up light and a down light. Learn More
  2. Hue Muscari Ceiling Light

    Hue Muscari Ceiling Light

    Rs 31,500.00

    Give your home a right light at every moment. The seamlessly blended metal and synthetic materials are bend with a smooth transition between archetypes. Creating a soothing and welcoming environment. Learn More
  3. Hue Aphelion Round Downlight

    Hue Aphelion Round Downlight

    Rs 4,100.00

    The Aphelion square downlight is a perfect way to energize your premises with light. The elegant design which is seamlessly blended. Learn More
  4. Hue Aphelion Square Downlight

    Hue Aphelion Square Downlight

    Rs 3,700.00

    The Aphelion square downlight is a perfect way to energize your premises with light. The elegant design which is seamlessly blended. Learn More

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Ceiling light is the need of every house. Now have classy smart ceiling lights in your home. The elegant smart ceiling lights from PHILPS HUE are a revolutionary change in light industry. These are the best smart LED ceiling lights for the modern homes. What makes these smart ceiling lights called as smart is the advance technology used in their manufacturing. They are wireless ceiling lights, which can be operated with Wi-fi. These lights can be managed from smart phones or with Hue bridge. You don’t need to be in home to operate them. Yes, control your home light system even being away from home. Have wireless ceiling lights in your living room and make every moment and occasion special by giving various and different light effects.

These Wi-fi controlled ceiling lights can be the best light buy for the smart modern home.

The Philips Hue has launched smart ceiling lights in cosmopolitan look. These lights are beyond ceiling lights which gives the following additional benefits than any other ceiling Led light. These include:

  1. Light Duo. Philips hue ceiling light have two dual functions which includes light source as per the function and mood swing.
  2. Your creativity is without limit. Lot of color options available.
  3. Synchronizing light with music and movies.
  4. Natural light which makes your morning as natural as being in nature.
  5. Smart control from anytime and anywhere. Be it home or away from home you have your house light control in your hand.
  6. Now have your health and behavior in your control. This includes relax, read, concentrate and energize with your light mood.

You can explore Philips Hue ceiling light range here. We are recognized as the most trusted and best renowned Philips Hue Ceiling light dealer in Delhi.

Banarsi Dass Enterprises is a leading and trusted distributor of PHILIPS and has a dedicated team to help buyers in choosing perfect and best smart ceiling lights for their home.